Tariffic FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions

To get your number changed please send us a message through our contact form. Please always include your old number, your new number and the current balance that is assigned to your Tariffic account.
You do need an internet connection to generate a dial-in number for your call. Tariffic generates dial-in numbers in your local landline network. This generation process eats just a few kilobytes. Your call will then be forwarded to your international destination when calling the local number. This absolutely works without internet.

Tariffic is a callthrough service. To make an international call you will need to call a local (national) number which gets you forwarded to your international target. Calling the local number is charged by your network operator. In case you have inclusive minutes in your plan (or free minutes to national landlines) then this part of your call is free of charge. If not you will be charged a local call by your network operator.

The second part of your call - forwarding your call to your international target - is charged by us through your credits in your Tariffic account.

Important: Don't use Tariffic outside of the European Union (EU). When you are travelling to a country outside of the EU, and you are using Tariffic, your operator will charge you roaming fees per minute which are normally very high.
Tariffic is meant for phone calls from home to abroad. Never use it to call home from foreign countries.
When using Tariffic in the EU, the so called roam-like-at-home principle applies and Tariffic may be used without any dangers.

Open the Settings-App of your phone
Go to Apps or App-Manager (depending on your phone's brand this may be different)
Go to Tariffic
Go to Permissions
Enable both permissions to make calls and access contacts.

You can delete your Tariffic account directly from within the app. Go to Account > Delete account .
Please note that a remaining balance will be lost after deletion.

If you no longer have access to the app, please send us a deletion request including your registered phone number using our contact form.
We will need some sort of proof that you are the owner of the account (phone number). Therefore please add your PayPal address used for topping up your account in the past or add a phone number you have called through Tariffic recently.

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