How to setup a conference call

Conference calling as simple as possible. Call our international conference call system to hold conferences with multiple participants at the same time.

3 steps to start a conference

  1. Think up a 6-digit conference room number e.g. 784563.
  2. Send room number, appointment and access numbers to all participants. Try our simple E-Mail template to invite to a conference call.
  3. At the given date and time each participant is calling the number in his own country and enters the room number when prompted to join the conference.

How a conference sounds

Conference features

  • Voice menu in German and English
  • Global access numbers
  • Up to 600 concurrent lines
  • No registration, no booking

Customized conference call

  • In case you need a dial-in number in some country not yet listed please contact us.
  • Do you prefer a customized solution including your own branding, audio logo, special call handling, ...? Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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