IFTTT (IF This Then That) lets you create powerful Applets which bring your services together by combining triggers and actions. woopla adds good ol' telephony services to IFTTT which can easily be integrated into your Applets. Your security camera detects motion? Get called on your mobile phone. Find out more about woopla's service on IFTTT or see a list of supported countries.


Fire a trigger with a simple phone call. We provide dial-in numbers in various countries and areas. Leave a voice message which will be transcribed to text. This makes a great ingredient for your initiated action.

IFTTT telephony triggers.


We provide various call actions to call your phone or any other phone number when your IFTTT triggers fire. We play either MP3 audio from URL or generate text to speech (TTS) in lots of different languages.

IFTTT telephony actions.


We are a voice application service provider (VASP) from Germany with smart telephony products for both consumers and businesses. We provide voice apps like conference calls, voice chats, cheap international calls. We also build and host customized hotline solutions for business owners. Find out more about woopla for consumers or woopla for business.